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Asphalt & Concrete Repair


Some things you can fix with duct tape and hope for the best. Other things you can’t. 

Asphalt and concrete paving definitely fall into this last category. If you don’t repair these right, chances are all you’re doing is delaying a bigger problem down the line. Flower Mound Paving Pros have one simple philosophy when it comes to paving repair: fix the actual problem not the symptom of the problem.

So, let’s say you have cracks in your asphalt. Sure we could patch that up for you and be gone in twenty minutes. But what if the crack is the result of damage or erosion to the substrate layer. Put a patch on that problem and you’ll have another crack in the same place within a few months. 

That’s our approach to repairing concrete and asphalt paving in a nutshell. We find the cause of the problem and fix that first. This applies to everything from potholes, to drifting concrete slabs, to tiny cracks, to uneven or damaged concrete or asphalt surfaces. 


It Starts With The Right Materials

No big surprises here, but a great quality repair comes from using the right materials. Sticking dodgy asphalt on top of a problem just adds another problem. 

Our experts only use the most durable base available to ensure it provides a trustworthy, solid foundation. We don’t cut corners on the ingredients. 


Evaluating Your Needs

It’s no good to fix what you think the problem is. We send one of our site evaluators to your home to perform a full site inspection before offering a quote on the repair. 

We go over your asphalt or concrete paved area with a fine tooth comb to be sure we know what the problem is, how to fix it, and how much that repair will cost. 


Dotting Our I’s and Crossing our T’s

But here’s the big secret to our success! A great quality asphalt and concrete repair job happen after the repair is complete. We quality assure all our repairs, not leaving the job site until we’re satisfied the repair has been completed to perfection. 

Our focus on the little details is how we’re able to repair asphalt or concrete paving problems consistently and reliably. 


Why Work With Flower Mound Paving Pros?

The simple reason is, we care a whole lot about what we do. When we take on a job, we view it as a matter of professional pride and reputation, to get the job done to the best of our abilities. 

If you have any questions about your damaged concrete or asphalt, simply contact us today. We’re available to address all your concerns and inquiries. 

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