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Flower Mound Paving Pros - About

Flower Mound Paving Pros have been providing paving throughout the Flower Mound area for over two decades. We’re a known and trusted local company with a great reputation for high-quality paving work, both in concrete and asphalt. 

There are three things which make us a smart choice for your next paving repair or installation. 


We Do One Thing. Paving

You’ll find contractors out there who do a “bit of paving.” You probably wouldn’t get a root canal from a guy who does a “bit of dentistry!” At Flower Mound Pavings Pros, all we do is paving. Our team, our paving equipment, and our suppliers are all chosen with one purpose in mind: doing paving as well as possible. 


We’re Big On Professionalism

I know, everyone says that! But what professionalism means for us is that:

  • We turn up when we say we’re going to turn up
  • We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your paving
  • We quality assure our work, making sure that we’re willing to put our name against every piece of concrete or asphalt paving we build or repair.


We Welcome Commercial and Residential Jobs

One great thing about being a dedicated paving contractor is that we’re big enough to accept jobs of almost any size and we’re agile enough to take smaller jobs at short notice. 

The bottom line is, whatever size or urgency of your concrete or asphalt paving job, we’re likely to be able to offer you the service you’re looking for.

Oh and we’re a friendly business we love what we do … and that’s pretty much all you need to know about us! 

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